28 Day Total Body Reboot 

Simple. Intense. Effective.

Strong Sexy Sculpted 28 Day Reboot is like nothing else you've tried!
This simple, intense and unbelievably effective program will guide you step by step through every aspect of getting lean and sculpted like you never thought possible.
Program includes:
First off let's talk diet...

Simple Plant- Based Grocery List

(Easy Recipes)

I've made the list of foods super simple. When it comes to weight loss it's best not to over complicate it. What you eat over the next four weeks will determine how amazing your transformation will be. And because it is such a short amount of time, I made it as easy to follow as possible. You don't have time to mess around.

It will be challenging but definitely doable and totally worth it.

Training Plan  

"I’ve seen way too many women spinning their wheels and wasting valuable time with misguided strategies to lose weight.” 

Yes more women are incorporating weights but many times it's not enough to demand real change from their bodies. And more often than not there is way too much focus on cardio, undoing all the progress they could be making in the weight room.

Over the next four weeks you'll get four weekly weight training routines and 2 easy low-intensity daily cardio routines sent to your phone via my app with videos and detailed descriptions of how to properly preform progressive overload to muscle failure - needed to get sculpted and torch fat.


Supplement Protocol


Although supplements are not necessary to get amazing results with this program, they can help you by increasing your energy, recovery, spare muscle loss and to maximize your results.

If you are ready to give the next 28 days everything you have and really see what your body can do I have the supplements and the exact timing on when to take them.




"I believe quick results don't have to harm your health if done correctly and can motivate you to lasting results."

   I'm Mel


I’ve been in the health and fitness field for nearly two decades. I’m a certified personal trainer, a behavior change and weight maintenance specialist.


Working as an exercise instructor, fitness coordinator, and working on tv, personal trainer to NFL football wives and tv personalities, I’ve experienced a lot of the health, fitness and diet fads over the years, which has made shit confusing.


No wonder women are all over the place going from one thing to the next only to see the numbers on the scale creep up and their health suffer.


I choose to promote healthy living first in the pursuit of my ideal body


I decided to go against the grain of the fitness world and stand for something different, something more. So I broke off on my own to truly help women discover health and body confidence.


I’ve always been and done things differently, and I’m a bold believer in principle. I will not be bullied into  pushing nonsense just to put more money into big businesses and so-called- “nonprofit's” pockets.


I want to make a real difference in the world for women starting with strength and confidence.

Mel's program really helped me get motivated to lose weight by following the plant based meal plans and using the easy to follow exercises. I began to feel a huge difference in the way I felt within the first couple of days! I had so much more energy throughout the whole day! No more midday slump. Feeling the difference and being able to chat with Mel and others following the program really helped to set my goals, attain them in my lifestyle change!


- Dwyla


The complete blueprint that will give you the exact steps you need to lose fat and build STRONG SEXY SCULPTED curve

Four weekly workouts downloaded to your phone via app with videos and descriptions of each exercise that will completely challenge what you thought you knew about resistance training along with the pivotal low-intensity cardio plan. You don't want to guess your way though training. 


You'll learn how to use proper progressive overload strategies and how to train muscles to failure to get max results for a shredded feminine shape.

28 day anti-inflammatory eating plan - you'll get your health, skin and body back on track with plant-based eating guidelines and recipes to help you shed weight and build sexy muscle and begin improving your overall health and youthful appearance.

✔ Plus you can level up your transformation if you choose to implement my totally comprehensive supplement protocol that will change the game and your results. 

60 minute call with me to completely personalize your Strong Sexy Sculpted program to your life and answer any and all questions.

✔ Access to my private Facebook Group for daily motivation, accountability, support, tips and 24/7 access to me and my weight loss and fitness knowledge


to burn fat fast while building sexy feminine curves​.

You desire to look more youthful and vibrant 
and feel more energized throughout the day.

You are motivated to do what it takes to get the body you desire but want a comprehensive science-based plan that takes all the guess work out of getting it.

​You deserve to be lean, healthy, sculpted and feel amazing instead of settling.

You need to make your health and fitness a priority for the next 28 days!

- Bre 
Ashley lost 11lbs and 3 inches in her waist!
"I'm thrilled (& my rings are too big which is always a good sign to me lol)
- Ashley 



The time has come to kill your goals. Time to love yourself and your body, to find confidence and strength now! I will make sure you have everything you need to do it right. I’ve worked with many women just like you. And it's possible to recreate your body... to eat and train smarter to reach goals you never thought possible while supporting a healthier metabolism and sexier more youthful body and spirit.
I'll teach you everything I've learned in the last 18 years to sculpt strong sexy ULTRA-feminine muscle, while torching fat for an incredible four week transformation!


I guarantee if you follow my strategies you will lose weight and look more youthful then ever before!

If you're ready to transform the way you look and feel, then the STRONG SEXY SCULPTED program is for you...

Click below to get started!





Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to follow a vegan diet to do this program and see results?


No I offer vegan options for lower fat and anti- inflammatory benefits. I made this eating plan so it is super simple to sub out any vegan protein for animal based proteins and still do the program and get amazing results. 


The biggest difference is there will be higher fat macros with animal based options with vegan options, and this program focuses on low fat/no added fat.  We can discuss this in our one-on-one call when we design your personal Strong Sexy Sculpted plan.


Can I do this program from home?


You will have more variety and it will be easier to challenge the muscle with equipment at the gym, but I do offer variations that you can absolutely do from home! I recommend that you have heavier dumbbells at your disposal so that you can sufficiently fatigue the muscles, which is key to sculpting a lean, tight and toned body quickly. If you don’t lift enough weight during the weight loss process the body will break down muscle and use it as fuel. 


What if I miss a couple workouts or don’t hit my macros?


If you are working harder and eating better you will still get great results. But with that said you will not get as good of results if you did everything 100 percent. The more put into in the more you will get out. I would not get into the habit of missing days or cheating because you are only cheating yourself out of results. Plus it’s only 28 days. That’s not that long. If it was a year long marathon and you missed six days it’s not a big deal. Six out of 28 is kinda huge.


Go into this with all intentions of giving it 100 percent!!