The Ultimate Weight Loss FAQ

If you’re like a lot of health seeking females I talk to, then you have a few niggling questions about weight loss and metabolism. Many of you have been sending me your questions by email, posting them on Facebook and asking them on the blog. And today I’ve collected your frequently asked questions all in one place, along with answers.

Take a look…

Question 1: What is the best way to eat when trying to lose weight?

Answer: This is an excellent question, because you’ve probably read quite a few

conflicting answers as you’ve researched this topic. Here’s what I consider the

best way to eat when you want to lose weight, and why…

An anti-inflammatory diet is the healthiest way to eat because it is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and phytochemicals. These properties fight cancer and other diseases and slow the aging process so you look your absolute best. You do not want to eat an unhealthy diet just to lose weight...and it is not necessary.

When weight loss is your goal you need to eat less calories than your body requires. And it is during this time that you need to focus on consuming more protein. The reason is that when your overall calories decrease the amount of protein also decreases.

There is a specific amount of protein each person needs based on their weight and that doesn’t change when you are eating less.

Also when you are losing weight it is not just fat that the body uses as fuel, but muscle and protein too. You need to lift weights and up your protein intake so that you maintain your muscle and keep your metabolism running efficiently so you do not plateau.

So the best way to lose weight, boost your metabolism and eat in a way that halts the aging process and improves skin quality and overall health is to eat more plant based proteins. You get the protein and phytochemical benefits without the inflammatory side effects.

Question 2: How do I stay motivated and stick to my goals?

Answer: The good news is you don’t need to be a strategy wizard to complete this step – you just need to follow these instructions…

First you need to discover your ultimate vision and purpose for your life and acknowledge that being healthy and happy is a MUST in living that future.

Motivation is not something that comes to you, but something you must find. You need to figure out what drives your reasons for wanting to lose weight and ultimately pulls you to take action.

Second once you have a super clear vision on your “whys” you must revisit them daily and remind yourself of how important following through on your promises to yourself is to ultimately reaching your goals.

Question 3: Where’s the best place to start when you want to lose more than 30 pounds?

Answer: This may surprise you, but the best place to start is being prepared... and planning. Let me explain…

Planning is the biggest reason most women fail at reaching their goals. Obstacles like not having enough healthy food in the house or at work to get through the day or the week and falling back on junk...overbooking their lives and not making their health and fitness a priority….and not having a plan B in place for when things don’t go as planned.

And things never go as planned;)

Question 4: I’m trying to lose weight, but I keep doing more and more cardio and the scale isn’t budging. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: You’re certainly not alone when it comes to hitting a plateau. Let me explain why it keeps happening, and how you can prevent it in the future…

Many women are spinning their wheels. When you do cardio you burn muscle along with fat.

YES you burn muscle!

So the more cardio you do the more muscle you burn. And the less muscle you have the slower your metabolism becomes.

Simply focusing on cardio to lose weight is an uphill battle.

Doing less cardio and focusing more on the weightlifting strategy of progressive overload will help you maintain metabolism boosting muscle and make the cardio you do more effective…. and ultimately prevent that cardio overload plateau that can be so discouraging.

Question 5: What program do you use to help women lose weight?

Answer: Excellent question, because the right program can make or break your weight loss success. Here’s what I use…

The Ultimate Female Weight Loss and Lifestyle Formula It’s a three month one-on-one coaching program which has an anti inflammatory and weight loss diet plan, focuses on doing less cardio and more weight lifting to boost weight loss and stop plateaus and a revolutionary protocol (not in any other programs on the market today) to rewire your subconscious mind to maintain motivation and stop self sabotaging patterns.

If weight loss and health are truly a priority to you right now and you are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged from trying over and over again to do it all on your own then maybe it’s time to get professional direction and support.

I’ve got a focused plan and strategy to keep you on track and accountable. I have already discovered all the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your ultimate weight loss goals and I’ve mapped it out in this 90 day program design specifically for females just like you.

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