5 Secrets - Going Out Without Gaining


My work and personal life feel like a never ending game of tug of war, and if either one overpowers the other I end up feeling out of control and sometimes even a little bat-shit-crazy.

Balancing weight loss, health and spontaneity and fun can also feel like a never ending battle.

Obviously you want to feel good in your body, feel confident, vibrant and healthy - so just make healthy choices then right?.

But you don’t want life to become dull and rigid with a million restrictions stopping you from eating, drinking, and getting a little crazy.

You want it all, but how?

Because your vision for your life doesn’t include a life sentence of salad with a side of water with lemon - you’ve got to live life!

Here are my 5 tips that will allow you to go out, enjoy yourself and not feel like a ginormous pile of crapola the next day.

  1. Always look at the menu before you go out to eat. Pick what you are ordering ahead of time. You’re more likely to stick to that healthier choice you pre-chose then if you decided in the moment at the restaurant. I’ve been all set to order the healthiest thing on the menu then my dining companion orders fries….but of course I want fries too:( lol

  2. Order first - for the above reason.

  3. Golden Rule rule for myself and clients. It’s the One Of Three Rule; bread, alcohol or dessert, choose just one. And then make sure you leave the guilt behind and really really enjoy it - for real though, no guilt.

  4. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Something you feel great in. When I’m feeling really good I tend to watch my portions. I don’t need a food baby making me feel uncomfortable the whole night. Obviously it doesn't have to be a dress, just whatever makes you feel confident in your skin.

  5. This is my favorite tip. Be present. Remind yourself it’s not about the food. Going out to dinner, or wherever you're headed is just the backdrop. It’s your company, the people, your friends and loved ones. It’s about connecting and celebrating life and love. Super cheesy, I know, but I’m just being honest.

  6. BONUS TIP #6 - You can’t count on cardio to dig you out of your weekend free-for-all. It will always catch up with you. ALWAYS:/

Here is a free guide about How to Create a Cardio Routine that Gets Results https://mellaurenfitness.lpages.co/resource-guide/

Yes you absolutely can enjoy a night out with food, drinks and friends, but if the moment you put your fork to your mouth you start berating yourself can you honestly say you are…

But if you are conscious and present with your decisions, I can promise you will find so much more pleasure in these moments. You will feel in control and find balance.

So I guess you kinda can have it all but you need to have different mindset about what it all really means. Have any questions for me - shoot me a message. I’m here to help:)

Your party-like-a-rockstar- coach