#1 Overlooked Way to Grow Glutes that You Aren’t Doing...well really any muscle

Heard of anabolic stretching??

I bet most haven’t, and if by chance you have, I bet you’re not taking advantage of this muscle p̶u̶m̶m̶e̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ k̶i̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ building strategy. This could give you an edge...or should I say the booty shelf;)



Last week I talked about another lesser used technique, metabolic stress, for getting more from your butt building workouts. Check it out HERE if you missed it. This week I thought I’d continue the theme...

First, what anabolic stretching isn’t?

Anabolic stretching isn’t your basic “reach for your toes and hold for 15-30 seconds” type stretch. Anabolic stretching uses weighted stretches and holds upwards of 90 seconds to elicit muscle growth.

Let’s give you a brief overview of the how...because learning is fun:D

5 hypertrophic helping (muscle growing) processes that take place

Increased protein synthesis Eccentric contraction (lengthening the muscle while contracting) activates a little thing called mTor in the muscle. >>This increasing protein synthesis.

Increase growth hormone Simultaneous stretch and contraction of muscle fibers for an extended period decreases the blood flow to the muscle. Less blood means less oxygen and ultimately more lactic acid buildup. Both of these actions trigger the anabolic growth hormone IGF-1

Increases GH receptor sensitivity Not only will you produce more IGF-1 (growth hormone), the act of weighted stretching also increase the IGF-1 receptor sensitivities.

Increased protein to the muscle When the super awesome fun weighted stretch is done more nutrient-filled (protein) blood will rush into the muscle then normal, facilitating increased muscle growth.

Muscle fatigue stimulates growth Maintaining muscle contraction for extended period causes fatigue which is another stimulus for muscle growth.

Does this get you a little excited?!

If not, I guess that’s okay, we are just different sorts of people lol.

Enough talk. It’s time for action!

My recommendations

Incorporate a few anabolics stretches to the end of your workout. (If you begin your workout with it you could lose strength by 5 percent affecting your overall strength and gains) And that’s just silly and counterproductive.

Also I’d stick to stretching the specific muscle group I worked that session.

  1. Pick a stretched-focus glute exercise like a stiff-legged deadlift, squat, lunge or hinge. (Again you can do this exercise with any muscle)

  2. Pick a moderate weight you can do 12-15

  3. Lower the weight into the maximum stretched position of a stretch

  4. Let the weight stretch your muscle starting with 45 seconds (increase holds upwards of 60-90seconds)

  5. Rest about the same amount of time you held the stretch and repeat 2x.