You're Missing a 1/3 of Your Glute Gains

And depending on your genes, it could be a much higher percentage.

I know you might be thinking...

“But Mel, I’ve seen every glute exercise demo on YouTube and scrolled countless booty challenges on Pintrest?” “I don’t think there is anything I’ve missed?”

But do you really understand what works and why?

There are three important mechanisms to make a muscle grow (here of course I will specifically be referring to the booty muscle mainly because my life revolves around it): mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage.

And metabolic stress might be the key to taking your glute game to the next level.

Here’s the thing. Many might have you believing that lifting heavy is the way to go to put mass on your a$$, but with a little research you would find that your glutes actually have a higher percentage of slow-twitch fibers or endurance muscle fibers. Which in fact respond better to higher reps.



Metabolic Stress also referred to as “ da PUMP” which is, in it’s simplest form, lifting a relatively lighter weight while keeping constant tension on the muscle with no rest, for high reps even 20+ till momentary muscle failure.

Blood continually gets pumped into the muscle building pressure and causing metabolic stress and swelling of the cell.

Obviously, I’m not saying heavy lifts are obsolete. I’m just saying it would make a lot of sense to put a little more focus on da PUMP to pump da booty.

Bonus awesome fact: Recovery periods are shorter with these type of exercise, so you can increase the frequency to nearly everyday. Higher volume in turn can speed up your gains.

Here’s a little combo I like to do in my routine as a glute pumping finisher...even on non-glute days;)

1a) Lateral band walk (5 reps in one direction) then

1b) Banded squat pulse 5 reps (remain in squatted position, do not stand up. keep tension on the glutes) Repeat in opposite direction 6x

2) Banded bridges 20-40 reps

Repeat Circuit 3-5x