The number one proven pre-workout supplement you should take

Bazillions of supplements boast more weight loss, bigger muscle and energy up the whazoo. I’m not buying it and neither should you. Although, an old standby may be as close as you can get to any ergogenic effects and it just so happens to be on top of the ingredient list of most of these over-price over-advertised and over-promising pills. Caffeine has been shown to have performance enhancing property. It stimulates lypolisis, which is the process of breaking down fatty acids for fuel.


Caffeine consumed prior to your sweat session can spare glycogen stored in the muscle. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose and is the main fuel for working muscles. And because a certain amount of glycogen availability is necessary for maintaining exercise intensity, you can increase the duration of activity before running out of glycogen. I.e. working out longer at a higher intensity means you burn through more of your Buddha. More recently there has been evidence that caffeine has benefits in shorter bouts of activity, too, aka strength training. A reduction in perceived exertion along with a decrease in perceived pain makes working at an increased intensity not so brutal. Of course this all sounds ideal until you read further… the ergogenic effects of caffeine dissipate when consumed as coffee.

Bummer. Some other downers on this otherwise highly popular upper, it increases blood pressure and heart rate. Also, caffeine is a natural diuretic. As little as a two percent decrease of fluid loss can affect performance. So any benefit from caffeine consumption would most likely nevoid any gains, unless you are extremely precautious with extra hydration before, during and after your workout. Lastly, over an extended period of use individuals can build up a tolerance to caffeine, which would impede fat oxidation and may lead to chronic headaches. So not all that cut and dry, but it usually isn’t? Do with this information as you see fit. Me, some mornings I drink coffee for a quick pick me up, sometimes I don’t. I have tried caffeine pills, but usually not. Maybe now after writing this post I will experiment with caffeine again and come up with my own conclusion. Until then let me know what you think.