Best rep range to build mass and get cut

Fast twitch and slow twitch, individuals normally have both types 50/50, so how come no matter how much weight you lift your arms look scrawny or maybe instead you can not keep up with the seemingly endless lunges in your girlfriend’s fitness class. Three major fiber types ■ slow twitch—endurance fibers ■fast twitch-A—resist fatigue and between the two extremes of ST and FT -B fibers ■ fast twitch-B—power fibers Slow twitch fibers (type one) aid in activities such as long distance running. Use more energy (ATP) and oxygen (aerobic) for continual contraction, which gives them their anti-fatigue characteristics. Fast twitch fibers (Type Two-B) give body builders their size and strength. These anaerobic fibers are characterized by their ability to accomplish short powerful burst needed for activities such as sprinting or power lifting, but unlike aerobic fibers they fatigue quick. The Buff Basics Rapid improvement in the first few weeks of lifting weights is due to the learning process which is a neurological. Muscle fibers do not work in isolation but in chronological order. Slow- twitch motor units are recruited first, followed by fast-twitch A and fast- twitch B, if needed. Muscle fiber composition is genetic, although both can adapt specifically to different types of training and result in increased size. What does NOT happen ■Increase number of fibers ■Weight train will not improve aerobic capacity but not decrease it. ■Changing muscle type due to training. FT fibers cannot become ST fibers, or vice versa. What DOES happens ■Increase the size (hypertrophy) of fibers ■Aerobics may decrease strength. ■Both can perform both anaerobic and aerobic, but each performs one better. Training can result in an increase in fiber type size (bigger percentage within muscle) and functional capacity Muscles by Numbers ■8 reps—Strength ■1 to 3 reps—Neuro-muscular max strength ■5 to 8 reps—Max strength to stimulate hypertrophy ■6 to 12 reps—Size and moderate strength gains

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