I'm Mel.

I believe that being and thinking differently along with a plant-based diet gives us super powers.  And I help ladies like you become Strong, Sexy, Sculpted, Healthy and Confident. 

I've always been a little different, some even called me weird.


And I'm okay with it, now even proud to be who I am. I question everything and the fear of what others thought of me, being wrong or failing never held me back.  


I'm an entrepreneur, because I knew finding true purpose, health and happiness was down a different path then the one I saw most people following. I knew if I followed my heart it would lead me to where I was meant to be...here helping you .


I've devoted my life to the purpose of health and happiness, strength and confidence. Plus I help women become stronger, sexier, and more sculpted.

Plant-Based Diet + Weights + Thinking Different = Purpose


I’m a Personal Trainer, a Behavior Change Specialist and an entrepreneur, and I’ve been doing this health and fitness thing for nearly two decades. .


And working as an exercise instructor, fitness coordinator, working on tv, personal trainer to NFL football wives and tv personalities, I’ve experienced a lot of the health, fitness and diet fads over the years, which has made shit frustrating.


No wonder women are all over the place going from one thing to the next only to see the numbers on the scale creep up and their health and looks suffer.


I decided that I would not promote unhealthy living in the pursuit of my ideal body.

..And in reality I know those two don’t have to be exclusive.  


I decided to go against the grain of the fitness world and stand for something different, something more. So I broke off on my own to truly help women discover optimal health and body confidence.


But that’s me in a nutshell. I’ve always been different, and I’m a bold believer in principle.

I want to make a real difference in the world for women.

That’s my passion, my business, my purpose.