A six month program designed to help you become the 3% who drop the weight and actually keep it off.



so that you stop the self sabotage and overwhelm and find motivation, consistency and balance.

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" What if there was a different answer "

  • What if... you were genuinely excited, energized and motivated to get up every single morning to get your day started, workout and eat healthy, even on Mondays.

  • What if... you could eat more, lose the weight and ignite your metabolism so you finally keep it off. 


  • What if… you knew  the most efficient and sustainable workouts and diet protocol needed to drop fat and get toned for females.


  • What if… you could have the body of your dreams while overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors and chronic stress.

  • What if... you could overcome negative self talk and install the mindset of a confident, empowered and unfuckwithable leader. in minutes. 


without harming your mental or physical health, wasting hours on a treadmill, or jumping from one restrictive diet to the next only to gain more weight back?

It's time for a new and bold approach.



I'm down 26.8lbs and 4 dress sizes. I have so much more energy and motivation than I ever have before. Mel has helped me control my diet, eating what's good for my body.


She coached me, and guided me to make my body do things I never thought I could do. I feel so much stronger and confident in my own skin."


- Ashlee
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  • They only focus on band aid solutions & quick fixes: brutal workouts/restrictive diets  

  • And they might get results in the short term but once they lose motivation or don’t have someone holding them accountable they fall back into old unhealthy habits 

  • They offer the client what they think they want but don’t give them what they actually need for sustainable results

  • Sadly, their advice and programs cause more physical, mental and emotional harm

  • Clients are left with the belief that weight loss, getting toned and healthy are too difficult to stick to long term. 


Eventually, women give up because it's better than the constant disappointment and self criticism. I don’t blame them! Feeling desperate sucks. And feeling like you are not being a good role model is soul-crushing.

 But it DOES NOT have to be this way!





"I'm Mel and I founded The Ultimate Femalepreneur Weight Loss Formula. I know how it feels to juggle your life, business and stay on top of your health - I used to be a struggling personal trainer teaching the same old crap as every other trainer.

I used to do 60+ min /day of cardio, I lifted like the guys with little rest, and didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can work hard or you can work smart. And unless you understand how females body’s respond differently to workouts and diet and how self sabotage & stress affect your long term results you will always be fighting an uphill battle.


So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about female health and fitness. Now as a single mom, running a full-time biz - I’m leaner, stronger and I conquered my overwhelming stress and disordered eating patterns…


In my search to master everything about female health & fitness, I learned females should not workout like men, diets are BS and reprogramming your subconscious mind is the true key to results.


So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to help busy women all over the globe take back control of their bodies & minds.


That is how "TUFF" was born!

What Women Are Saying

I lost 80lbs in 2018 with the help of Mel and this program. What this program has that no other program and no other diet has is that it teaches you the mental side of weight loss. 


TUFF changes your relationship with yourself.  I’m creating the life that I've always dreamed of and this program has helped me get there. 

- Colleen

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  • I’ll give you proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals long term.

  • ​I worked one-on-one with Dr. Flynn “the hormone whisperer” New York Times Best Seller to design a female specific workout program to give you optimal results.

  • I teach you the exact metabolism boosting blueprint for life long results.

  • ​I support you weekly one-on-one, as well as unlimited daily support.

  • I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material.

  • ​I’ll teach you how to stop stress and self sabotage from derailing your progress & mindset to overcome your mental blocks.

  • I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and holistic transformation.

  • And this is the last time I'm inviting people to work with me one-on-one for the group investment. 


I have found that my system works best for these two groups of people: 


1. Busy women looking to lose 25+ pounds once and for all without killing themselves in the gym. They are ready to do it right so that they can focus on more important things in life. They know what to do, but just need the motivation to do it. 


2. Female entrepreneurs looking to feel confident in their bodies and more authentic in their biz that are ready to do the work. They just need the right strategy that will work in their schedule.



Learn how to maximize your time and energy with a cutting edge and forward thinking strategy that focuses on igniting your metabolism, balancing your female hormones to become 3% who lose the weight and keep it off -

a strategy that makes weight loss easier and less stressful. 




Discover the key components of your unique activation code, the magic pill to motivation and long term success.


You’ll learn the tools needed so that you finally become consistent.

You'll tap into the flow state and become naturally more productive, have more energy and feel like you have your shit together.


- and most importantly, act like a boss in every area of your life.



We'll reveal the root causes of your procrastination, self-sabotage and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals.


This is a scientific methodology that will show you how to reprogram your brain to step into your highest self, crush self limiting beliefs and unlock your potential.


And be the leader and role model you were born to be.


This is the difference between 'knowing what to do' and actually TAKING ACTION.


This is what will ultimately lead to your BOLD TRANSFORMATION in 2021. 



You’ll learn easy to implement steps to instantly shift your mood, stop negative momentum, and sabotage holding you back.


Understand the 9 root causes of anxiety. Discover the antidote to overcome stress, overwhelm and burn out.


It’s time to release the burden of stress and find freedom to live in the moment so that little set backs don't derail your progress.

We call this success momentum.

 - within the first month I felt my entire life change.


I had a meal plan, I did keto, I paid for a personal trainer for over a year and went back a second time. But none of those things fix the inside which for many is where the real problem lies.


Mel helps you fix the inside and teaches you the tools to live balanced long term!


Yesterday was the start of week 6 and I can honestly say I'm already a completely different person. I am so thankful I have finally found coping mechanisms that are healthy and bettering my life. I am truly excited for my future and my self growth to come! 

- Brianna

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 I can honestly say it's unlike any program you've ever done before. I had tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem all of them I would lose the weight but I never managed to keep the weight off.


Mel teaches you how to eat and workout properly. She gets into all the mindset things. I learned so much about myself it was unbelievable 


There's a lot of delving into your habits and how you sabotage yourself. This program was probably the best investment in myself I've ever made.


So if you're thinking about it I hope you just give it a chance because you won't regret it 


- Shelly 

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The Ultimate Femalepreneur Formula is a six month, high touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that jives with your busy schedule.

 ✔  Detailed metabolism & mindset shifting curriculum

✔ One-on-one weekly coaching

✔ Weekly Live Q&A's in a private Facebook group​

Daily support via app

✔ Weekly training videos, workouts via app

✔ Access to supportive student community

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Want to work together? Click the button below to book a Clarity Call with me. On the call, I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your weight loss & health journey, and learn about your goals.


At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients... 


Or, if it's not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.


Let’s do this!

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The Goal Getter:

You Can't Lose Guarantee

If you don't reach your weight loss goals I'll continue to work with you for FREE until you do.

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Release Unresolved Negative Emotions Workshop $2,999

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90 Minute 1:1 Deep Dive with Mel $1297 

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